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Johanna – Freediving

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Several years back when I got my scuba diving certification,  I literally had no words to describe my experience. A few years later when I chanced upon James Nestor’s Deep on free diving, I was shocked, mesmerized and stoked all at once. I literally gulped the book and to date it is one of those books that I could totally get absorbed in one go.

I keep telling Miss Me how at times, I catch myself not breathing. While mostly it’s psychological, I also believe at some level it is sub-conscious. And then when you’re almost consumed by the mundane necessities with everyday chores, videos such as this bring your breath back – in one whole swoop.There’s so much depth in this video that keeps you wanting to re-watch it. I love the cold and freezing temperatures. I yearn for vast, untouched landscapes. And true silence gets me deeply captivated. This clip encompasses all that in so many levels all through.

And if that didn’t do enough justice here’s the behind the scenes.

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