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Weekender – 04/02

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Got back to reading Shantaram and Living with a Seal this weekend. Shantaram was Meena’s pick (gift for Christmas) and Living with a seal was Ankur’s recommendation (nudge to get back to fitness!). Of late reading has taken a back stage. Current target is to read these two books for the month.

Late last week chanced upon TARC – a trail runner’s group in Boston! Joined them for 6 miler on Saturday morning. Oh, how humbling! Need to get my act together and train better for my runs. Middlesex fells looks to be a great training ground. Great reservoirs and longish trails. Wanted to do another long run today. But you know…

Heard about Sandstorm earlier this week and have been wanting to set up a personal server for a while now. Spent some time on Saturday reading up on the Ubuntu server and dabbled with Sandstorm online. Will potentially set this up over the next week or two. Also figured out a few minor issues with regards to e-mail access on Outlook for a few portals I manage. Explored some SQL and excel feeds for something at work. On another note, tweaked some settings to make this site a bit faster. Potentially exploring  moving out of pingbacks and into Webmentions. Well, this is a test post to see if that’s working!

Watched an impromptu Malayalam movie – Anarkali.  A good watch. An interesting take on life in Lakshwadeep and a tad bit on diving and free-diving. I take that as another hint!

Setting up the Norbo and fixing a book shelf are two things still pending. Soon, very soon…

I’ve been wanting to write more frequently. Several years back, writing got me to using my weekends more productively. I’d want to hike because I wanted to write and vice-versa. That ‘cycle’ eventually got me to explore the outdoors even more. Well I think it’s time I re-invent that wheel.

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