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Ragnar times

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Fort lee

This Friday, I’d be doing a 200 mile relay run at Adirondacks, NY with 9 other family friends .  This one is extra special for several reasons. Few months back, an ankle injury prevented me from running the Bear Mountain State Park Half Marathon – a run I was really looking forward to. That setback and the recovery from the injury further fueled my training for the Adirondacks Ragnar relay run. In the last two months,  I’ve explored more trails than I did all over the last year and a half. I’ve had stronger 8 mile and 10 mile finishes than ever before. More importantly, I’m truly enjoying running and the places it’s taking me to.

This weekend would be a good gauge to set targets on an ultra run sometime soon. And I guess the ‘kick’ is not in the distance but the distances it would take me to and the experiences that would come by. Can’t wait to leave school tomorrow evening for the mega weekend. Ragnar – Here we come!

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