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Depths of darkness

  • SSP 

There is something just so mystic about wandering in the darkness and into the woods. The intermittent gusts of chilled wind, the shadows of  the branches meandering round the corner,  the winding trail that leads to yet another destination, the high rising hills exacerbating the vastness of the valley ahead, the rustle of the leaves hinting the plausible presence of the rightful owner of the land and the distant sound of a wild animal reclaiming his territory – all accentuated by the spell of darkness.

The ‘manipulated’ side wants to be teleported to the comfort of the bed while the wild side seeks to explore the silence behind the silence and the depth of the darkness. As the equilibrium shuttles, the brain succumbs to the calls – not to give in but probably to re-establish that some situations remain best undefined.

Once in a while, a relaxed walk in the woods in darkness is probably what is all that is required to set things straight.


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