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  • SSP 

Life was ripe and then suddenly it did strike.

Just a year and a half and all was blown out.

A lot many things to remember and cherish, the rest is now hallucination.

Life still pulls on and people keep talking.

The vagrant said – I’m alone, The spirit kept saying – No you aren’t

The vagrant said – People still keep talking, The spirit said – Does it really matter? Keep Smiling!

Nothing to be done. Nothing that can be done.

They later relented . Phony that it was.

The vagrant said – What’s the point? Damage is Done! Keep Smiling

Seven years! Things have still not changed…

Or have they? Never believe a word not from your mouth..

The spirit still remains, treading parallely with the wanderer.All the way just saying – I’m with you , Keep smiling.

Not a moment of remorse, lest life strikes again!

Three cheers to the spirit.

Justice will be done, Keep smiling!

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