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Ubuntu: BSNL Broadband Connection


My first post typed in from Ubuntu with it hooked to the net!!!

Just managed to configure the Broadband connection in Ubuntu!! Am on cloud nine, given the fact that I’d been struggling in vain for the past few months to get a few Linux flavours hooked on to the net. Believe me, There couldn’t be anything else that’s as simple as this!!

Here’s the trick ( if at all it could be called that!) for those novices ( obviously like me! ) who haven’t yet had luck configuring their systems.

1> Switch off your modem

2>Open the Network settings Dialog box ( System> Administration> Network)

3>Select ‘Wired Connection’ and click on the Properties.

4> In the ‘Connection Settings’ Menu select ‘Static IP ‘ type in the following values and save:

IP Address :

/* Assigning the Ethernet Card an IP different from that of the modem*/

Subnet Mask:

/* No idea why this value is always this 🙂 */

Gateway address:

/* The Modem is being made the default gateway*/

5>Switch on the Modem and wait for a few minutes for the values to get recorded.

6>In the Terminal ( Applications>Accessories> Terminal) type ‘sudo pppoeconf’

6>A window pops with a blue screen notifying that an ethernet device has been found. Just follow the on screen instructions till you reach the screen which asks you for your BSNL UID and PASS. Ping in the values (after deleting the text Username from the line) and you’re done!! 🙂

I’ve still got to figure out how to disconnect from the n/w though that shouldn’t be a big issue…..

[Update: 22-Oct-09]

Just type the following commands in the terminal:

sudo ifconfig eth0 netmask up

sudo route add default gw eth0

This could also do the trick.

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  2. use Ubuntu(Gnome) 8.10.Kubuntu is not really…!.and MANUAL PARTITION.Linux does not go with window$ partition names like a,b,c,d,e,f etc.instead it (SATA) /dev/sda1,/dev/sda2..etc .
    also ,do understand GNU/Linux partition:
    Hard drive device names – MEPIS Documentation Wiki

    Dataone is working fine with GNU/Linux.If you are using pppoe mode(router dialer) ,you need to configure dhcp to work for you.
    press ALT+F2 and insert “network-admin”(without quotes) and run. unlock it by giving your the lan card and assign dhcp and router gw address.restart network .hopefully ,it will work.

    Bridge mode:
    How to connect broadband in Ubuntu Your Download Hut Of Technology
    pppoe mode:
    for Ubuntu :
    go to menu>System>Admin>Network .press “unlock” and give your login password. select the device eth0(wired network). click properties.tick on enable this automaticipassignmode(DHCP).
    then ,open a terminal(in menu -applications>accessories>terminal).

    sudo /etc/init.d/networking force-reload

    Try Pinging a known site:

    ping -c5

    If it works ,your network is configured fine.
    Good Luck!
    also see:
    Ubuntu:Intrepid –

  3. @FAHAD:
    open a terminal and see the o/p of “sudo pppoe-discovery” to make sure that your broadband connection is working.
    I have a GLB-802C router and most of them are defective.currently , I am using a replacement as my first 802C was dead!

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  5. u can disconnect the connection using
    sudo poff -a

    the conection status can be checked using

  6. Hello,

    My System> Administration> Network option is not in menu so i can’t able to seeting DSL connection.

    Plz. help me

  7. how to connect BSNL broadband over wireless network?

    I connect my BSNL router with Netgear wireless router by cable. And I am using this wireless connection in my laptop.

    When i create BSNL connection, I can only view eth0 device. I want wlan0 device in device interace.

    Plz. help me.

  8. the best way to use bsnl broadband is thru ethernet and bridge mode. if u dont have a ethernet card get hold on one, they are pretty cheap.

    after that if u have dhcp enabled just plug in the ethernet cable ur ubuntu machine shuld take care of the rest. If u dont have dhcp enabled u need to manually configure the network address, netmask and gateway.

    @ starting ubuntu
    ubuntu has evolved a long way from wen i first started using it some 4 years back. for one it has become much more user friendly.
    for all those who are starting ubuntu the first things ull notice are
    1. fast booting and shuting down time(boots less than 30 seconds falt even with hundreds of software)
    2. superior graphics ( aero pales in compariosn)
    3. faster file copy and all
    after that connect to interent
    go to systerm -> administration -> synaptic and enjoy ubuntu

    1. Can you please guide how to set up ubuntu 9.10 in bridge mode for BSNL Broadband connection. The connection works in windows but does not work in Ubuntu 9.10 even after configuring the network connections, that is providing username and password in the DSL option in network settings.

  9. hey guys landed up in this blog while googling for connecting to net on ubuntu(i’ve intalled the 9.04 version)…as said in a post by anuj saini…i do face the same prob..there i no option as every site says….go to:
    system==>administrator==>network instead wat i find is a ” networking tool”, that consists only IP, ping, traceroute etc such protocol, or i have this network connection option under sys->preferences which shows bsnl under wired tab but i don’t find any properties option at all
    what should i do?…tried the sudo pppoeconf cmd doesn’t work either..

  10. thank you, tried all of the abv..the ifconfig doesn’t work either..i figured out it is the incompatability with my ethernet card…i hav atheros AR5005G wireless network adapter an Realtek RTL8139 fmly PCI fast ethernet card….tried setting up a wireless says connection established: bsnl(0%)….guess i should try download and install drivers if any….

  11. Hey thanks a lot… I was trying to figure this out.. This is the only place that provided a solution that worked.

    Now I am typing this from Ubuntu 🙂

  12. how to configure BSNL broadband INTERNET access with a username and password in ubuntu 9.10. The network settings are totally different from the previous versions…. I dont have a clue, but as of now am using ‘sudo pppoeconf’ to access, but cant be doing the same always…. it consumes time… How can i do it with a click on an icon?

  13. Thanks a lot for this post,

    It helped me get my bsnl connection in no time, and ditch winblows for ever 😉

  14. Hello,
    I have ubuntu 9.04 running on my system but i am unable to configure my broadband internet connection. when i runs pppoeconf on command line it gives error as

    “Sorry, I scanned 2 interface, but the access concentrator of your provider did not respond. Another reason for the scan failure may also be another running pppoe process which controls the modem.”

    Please help, i m newbie to linux OS….

    1. hi friend i am also facing the same problem which u were facing to set bsnl broadband. so can u plz help me out to solve the problem i would be very thanksful to you.

  15. i think some feels difficulty in connecting bsnl broadband in Ubuntu is because they need some dialer software.We have no dialer software in Ubuntu.

  16. thanks for useful information. yet i have not try but i think this information should useful for me and it may works. but i felt some other problem with Ubuntu. when i use terminal it some time time ask for user password but dont accept any password means it dont allow further accessing .i try to write password but at 1 or 2 letters it say wrong password. can u help me .

  17. i just got ubuntu 10.04
    anyways what password and username u r mentiong
    in step 6
    BSNL uid
    and pass
    please reply

  18. Hi
    Am using UBUNTU 10.0. Am not getting how to go to Network option bec d network option doesn’t appear in system >> administration so i am not able to set DSL connection on it.
    Plz help me.

  19. Bibhu Prasad Mohanty

    I tried all that is instructed here. Nothing happened. My modem is broadband smartAX MT882. Connected to bsnl.
    Pleas help me.

  20. for simple BSNL connection for ubuntu 10.4
    1.go on task bar
    2.right click on network
    3.edit connection on DSL on Add
    6.enter your Username:……..
    Service :BSNL

    1. hai buddy i need your help . i am using bsnl broadband connection. and in windows 7 i follow these setup
      1. my wireless connection is unsecured so first i connect wireless to my laptop then i make a broadband connection where i put username and password provide by bsnl then my connection is established.

      but in ubuntu my unsecured wireless connection is connect but i am not able to connect through internet.

      help me buddy my mail id is

  21. hai buddy i need your help . i am using bsnl broadband connection. and in windows 7 i follow these setup
    1. my wireless connection is unsecured so first i connect wireless to my laptop then i make a broadband connection where i put username and password provide by bsnl then my connection is established.

    but in ubuntu my unsecured wireless connection is connect but i am not able to connect through internet.

    help me buddy my mail id is
    help me

  22. hello srikant i done acc. to ur post bt it did”t work
    i hav jst install ubuntu 11.04 nd am first time working on linux……
    so am absolutely uknown about how a connection of bsnl broadband made
    pls help me out from starting…

  23. Thanks a lot for your post , i am trying to connect broadband properly in ubuntu for last two months but could not get through , becuase some sites didi not open at all , and after setting with your post finally today it is working properly . Thanks again 🙂 🙂

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