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VT100 Finish

Photo taken at: West Windsor, Vermont In races of all kinds, there's always a push to finish strong. Most runners conserve that little energy to turbo boost at the last quarter mile. While it's exhilarating to watch that strong finish, I've always been enamored by those who trudge in slowly, with almost no display of… Continue Reading

31 to the 50

A good 31 miler weekend to close out the third training week. And with that I've met Miss Me's mandated clause of sticking to the training plan at least till the end of January (I've never really trained for any of my long runs this far!)  and bought myself an entry to the Wapack and… Continue Reading

Middlesex 17 miler

A good 5 hours out in the woods. Terribly underestimated the skyline trail. Quite a few foot slips and ankle twists made it more of a hike than a run. Also looks like my body is 'reacting' to the weekday runs. Badly needed some tummilicious food at mile 13. Note to self for future runs! Finally… Continue Reading

The Bear Mountain Half

Ran the #ECSNY Half at the Bear Mountain State park today! As the stats down under reveal - this was one divine killer run. One of the hardest long-runs I've run so far. My average timing on 'flat-road' half-marathons has been 02:10.  Over the last few weeks as I mentally and physically prepared for this run I was estimating… Continue Reading

Philadelphia Half

Great weather, strong finish and yet another run that convinced me running on city roads isn't quite my thing. This most probably would be my last 'scheduled' run for 2014 and couldn't have asked for a finer closure of a crazy week. Another exciting family event adds further to this silver lining making this run… Continue Reading

Ragnar 2014 GPX Feeds

Just found a nifty plugin that would map charts feeding off from gpx inputs. Here are the chart outputs from my recent Ragnar Run. Legs 01 - 06 [4.9 mi + 2.7mi + 8.9mi]   [sgpx gpx="/wp-content/uploads/gpx/activity_602412715.gpx" ]   Legs 13 - 18 [5.8mi]   [sgpx gpx="/wp-content/uploads/gpx/activity_602412752.gpx" ]   Legs 25 - 30 [3.4mi]  … Continue Reading

Mumbai 2011 Full Marathon

This coming Jan, I'd be running my first ever full Marathon [42.19 km] in Mumbai. And since this is so important to me, I decided I'd as well run it for a cause that has so much been resonating in me - Eliminating the educational inequity in India. Six months back, when I left Infosys for a… Continue Reading

Running through the woods…

Yet another scooping rise from underneath - The water around blinds me out completely,  the leg craves for rest, but the mind defies succumbing to pain and the body just goes on in a sinusoidal motion towards a non descriptive goal. I turn around by instinct and damn the mind takes over; fear creeps in… Continue Reading

Run Boy Run!

Whew!! 2h.17mins - That was one solid run!  With this I officially enter the league of serious runners and not to mention, I'm now one among those millions of half marathoners! Goal three for this year accomplished [Enduro3 and a Himalayan escapade being the first two.] Running was never something that turned me on. I… Continue Reading