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6 miles at the Y in an hour. Not bad. Looks like I’m slowly defaulting to my 10 minute miles. Initially planned to run in the morning. Guess I was way too fatigued to get up. Also looks like last nights 8 mile run hit me hard. Work, Study and other Misc. things seem to…


8 miles at blast fitness while Miss Me was teaching her yoga class. Knocked it in 1.5hrs. 2.8, 2.6, 2.6 splits. Probably the dad(?) training his kid was entertaining enough!


Terrible 8 miles. Good pace though. Couldn’t get to think anything all through the run. One of those shitty days.

Ragnar – Reach the Beach

Some great routes all the way down from Bretton woods Ski area in New Hampshire to the Hampton beach. The home stretch was probably the best ragnar finish ever. Despite decent timing, I had a real bad time on my second leg. Not sure if I should attribute it to the training or just how i felt during the run. Probably just one of those ‘meh’ runs.

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