A quick list of personal projects that I am currently working on or plan to work on in 2018:

Cloud Migration

Early this year, I consolidated all my shared servers onto the cloud. With robust backups and more reliability, I now see a huge uptick in server stability and performance. A huge learning experience. Besides, I also get to tinker with minor projects on the cloud not having to deal with cumbersome restrictions of shared servers!


Publish Appa’s Books

We’ve been wanting to publish appa’s articles and stories into a book for a few years now. The project never really gained traction for no concrete reason beyond the ‘false start’ issue. A few days back I heard about PressBooks and looks like this should address some of our main issues. The current target is to have at least one book published within the next three months.


Build a home server

I’ve been wanting to have a home server built for my personal files for a while now. Nothing too industrial, just something to have a local backup for my shared files and folders and to avoid reliance on other cloud services. NextCloud seems to be a great option and though I procured the hardware (besides the raspberry pi3) sometime back, I haven’t really had the chance to fire it up and configure it. Hopefully, sometime by mid 2017!


Setup a personal RSS reader

For a long time I’ve always wanted to setup a self hosted RSS reader. Was never really satisfied with the free readers available online. Fever was the one I was super keen on setting up. Looks like the project was orphaned earlier this year. Was using FreshRSS for sometime and decided to move on to TheOldReader till I find a self hosted solution. Would ideally like to implement an Indieweb friendly version sometime soon.


Learn Spanish

I’ve been wanting to learn a foreign language for a while now. Dabbling between German and Spanish for a while now. Since I work with a team in Mexico on a regular basis, Spanish looks like a good target. Need to chalk out a game-plan for this.