Moving on to the fundamentals

Was introduced to Padangusthasana, Padahastasana followed by Trikonasana A and Trikonasana B today. Called for a bit of stability and a lot of focus!

I seem to have a got a hang of the Sun Salutations. I did catch myself doing a few mistakes, but guess that’s good. Was in sync with Miss Me for the most part today and realised I wasn’t doing the last three closing sequences quite right…nuances! Some more practice and it should soon be second nature…


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That anomaly grows exponentially with the density of traffic :). You could barely go fast with so many vehicles around you and the thrill of scraping past the other vehicles keeps you hyper alert!

I’m eagerly looking forward to driving back in India later this year, after four years here in the US. Wonder if my muscle memory would still work it’s magic and if the impulse will play along!

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Back in the early 2000s I worked for a Taiwanese company (Acer) and travelled reasonably frequently to Taiwan. At the time I blogged a little on a site called H2G2 – the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Earth Edition – inspired by the late, great Douglas Adams.

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Sun Salutations B

Up at 04:30am and had ample time to get ready. Did a dry runthrough of the sequence with Miss Me just before we left home and that provedto be pretty useful. Today’s class was much better in terms of execution.Practiced Sun Salutations A for about eight times. Kate then walked me throughSun Salutation B thrice and left me to practice. I felt the transition from Ato B was pretty fluid and got a decent hang of the B sequence. Closed out with Shavasanaafter 10 breaths each in the different variants of Padmasana.

Felt much more energetic and composed today! Quite possibly dueto the forced yet regulated breathing and just ‘being in the zone’.

Ought to learn the number codes and/or Sanskrit names. These links below seem to have both!
*Sun Salutations A
*Sun Salutations B
*Finishing sequence