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The Woman in the Mundu!

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The bus jerks along on the road as I get back home from Office. It’s only 6:30pm and I’ve still got about 20kms to traverse. That effectively translated to an hour’s time given the traffic situation at M’patnam. A colleague seated beside me is hooked to the Fountainhead in her hands and is already drooping.…

OpenSolaris Installation

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I’d ordered the Solaris 10 DVD from a third party agent a few days back. It did avoid the hassle of downloading the code from the website and burning it on to a ROM and the service by Rainbow Computech was pretty good. I got the DVD delivered to my home in three days with…


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If you’ve always been wondering that there’s something that you’ve not done for the past few years but just aren’t able to figure out what it is, probably I may be able to help you out! 😉 Pack your bags and get your gear. It’s high time you moved from the cozy environs of your…

The Cow and I!

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Ghai hamari mataa hai. Ghai shaakahaari jaanvar hai. Ghai ghaas-phoos khati hai. Ghai doodh deti hai. Ghai khali ya safed rang hoti hai… 🙂 I still remember that wonderful essay I’d written as a test to gain admission to Sandeepam Vidhyalaya! I was reminded of this episode today during my French class session. We were…