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Getting plugged in – part one


I mentioned recently that I need to learn to code properly but it’s more a case of learning the environment in which I’m working. When I used to do a bit of VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) in a previous role the VB side of it wasn’t an issue, the more complicated part was the A, the applications with their object models, and how you get them to do what you need.

6 Awesome Uncrowded National Parks


Plan a trip to Yellowstone or Yosemite and you’re likely to see as many humans as animals, try one of the hidden treasures our NPS offers instead. Source: 6 Awesome Uncrowded National Parks

Microformats2, WordPress and Featured Images Classes


In my exhuberance to post an image along with articles syndicaed from my site to Twitter, I hastily started adding the microformats2 class u-photo. I didn’t know better. It was brought to my attention that u-photo is meant for actual photo posts, where the image is the primary content.