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Retrospectives and Flukes

@Morganhousel wrote a fantastic post yesterday outlining how each person’s trajectory is riddled with ‘flukes’. Humanity constantly evolves from a quagmire of possibilities and there’s very little merit in looking in retrospect. I think the likelihood of a successful forecast can only be enhanced if we work with the factors in the present – not…


Last evening we were at MC. The plan was to get a swim in and head back home. Been a while that we hung out here. 8 years? Nothing much has changed. Which is great, because it did bring back some great memories. I wish I chronicled these better then. The first time I was…

Firewalls on thin ice

The more that I read and the more that I build, with every additional service that I self-host, I realize there are so many points of failure – each becoming more evident as time passes and experience grows. The blaring one’s get attended to sooner or later, and the not-so-urgent one’s remain there – slowly…

PM Tools

@ajaymreddy Front Redmine/AppFlowy/Taiga/focalboard with authelia and that should do it. Or you could go old school with WP+plugins.


Setup a snikket instance today and blown away by the simplicity of getting this all up and running! Wish I’d done this several months back when I moved (most of) my family away from whatsapp.