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Non-negotiable milers

Several years back, While in Pune, I’d resolved to spend every weekend outdoors. The plan was to get out of home before the break of dawn, head out to one of the umpteen number of forts and villages on the outskirts of the city and spend the rest two days just being out there. The weekends were an interesting mix of some terrific hikes, long bike rides or just days of hopping on and off arbitrary buses with no specific destination. The goal was also to write about my experiences. Arguably, that turned out to be a good vicious circle. I’d travel to write and write to travel. Looking back those were some of my most memorable days.Read More »Non-negotiable milers

Ragnar – Reach the Beach

Some great routes all the way down from Bretton woods Ski area in New Hampshire to the Hampton beach. The home stretch was probably the best ragnar finish ever. Despite decent timing, I had a real bad time on my second leg. Not sure if I should attribute it to the training or just how i felt during the run. Probably just one of those ‘meh’ runs.

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From Tree to Shining Tree – Radiolab

Forests feel like a place of great stillness but dig deeper and there’s a hidden world beneath your feet as busy and complicated as a city. Source: From Tree to Shining Tree – Radiolab