The Economics of Environmentalism

For some reason, years ago, someone decided that business and environmentalism should be mortal enemies. Well, maybe that’s not quite how it happened. But some days, it feels like it.

The Story of Firefox OS

The Story of Firefox OS I remember at a team dinner once Mitchell Baker, Mozilla’s Chairwoman and “Chief Lizard Wrangler”, talked about the importance of storytelling. She talked about how telling stories in the open source software community helps us to reflect on shared experiences and learn from them.

The Man Who Played with Absolute Power

In his 2008 TED Talk, Philip Zimbardo introduced his subject by showing his audience M.C. Escher’s Circle Limit IV, a set of black and white tessellated angels and demons. The art, Zimbardo explained, reminds us that “good and evil are the yin and yang of the human condition.”