Fired up!

Finally got around procuring a pi3 and setup the Nextcloud Box! Getting this up and running was super fun and pretty straight forward.

The OS Image that was delivered with the box was built for the pi2. So I had to format the drive with Gparted and flashed the pi3 image with Etcher (One nifty piece of software!). Once the hardware was fired up, it just took care of itself. The web install was a 1-click setup.

Early this year as I initiated taking more control over my data, I also setup a Nextcloud server on the cloud. It’s been about eight months now and am thoroughly impressed with it. With the incredible iOS and android apps and the nifty client for linux I’m more than convinced the take this a step further and setup my personal home server.

Over the next few weeks as I tinker more with this, I need to make this a more robust setup and make full use of the snappy Ubuntu core.


Having heard about it way back in 2015 during a serendipitous visit to the campus, we were pretty excited to be here. With autumn just kicking in and absolutely no traffic, the drive up north from Boston should have been a cue to what the night had in store for us. As dusk set in and the temperatures dropped, the lamps already laid out on the Dartmouth Greens were lit. The National Anthem from the bell tower was a pleasant surprise. Darkness, fire, light and celebrations. Today was just so magical!

Sunrise at the confluence

@ Kanyakumari, India

A glimpse of sunrise at the tip of the Indian subcontinent, where the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal meet the Indian Ocean. Tourists throng to this overlook, right behind the Bagvathi Amman temple at the break of dawn (and the onset of dusk).

The Vivekananda memorial continues to be one of those few locations to be maintained sparking clean. Nothing much seems to have changed since my last visit to this place seven years ago. The shrouded Thiruvalluvar statue that’s to the far right talks volumes of the current political situation in the state. The ferry no longer stops at the statue.

Appa’s 81st birthday (official). He had that sparkle in his eye’s when he was looking up to the sun rise above the horizon. Despite this being such a rushed trip, I’m so glad we could get him here. Climbing up one of the stairs on the Vivekananda memorial he mentioned this would probably be his last visit. Was quite disturbing to see him struggle through something that’s always been second nature. With old age his mobility seems to be drastically reducing. Hope over the next few years, we’re able to find better means of taking him to more places outdoors.