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El Campeonato | March 17th 0800hrs | Mystic land of Epiphany

  • SSP 

Some things are just worth fighting for. Some are just worth dying for. More so when legends need to be told and champions honed. This championship is what we believe is the beginning of the end of a school of thought.


A day long intra-class athletic championship. Just sports. No books. No gyan – Just before the examinations.


The Pegasus, the Dragons and the Unicorns from the mysterious land of the epiphany dynasty-each with 15 members chosen to handle their intra-team dynamics while fighting it out on the ground for their team’s honour.


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The Ammi-Abba race

Most of this term, we’ve been making a conscious effort to get the kids down to the playground and smell some dust. Early this month as we were trying to infuse the elements of team work in them, we decided to get them to do the ‘Amoeba race’. After a brief description of ‘Amoeba’ we…

Emotions and Equations

Was it the impeccable sound system? Was it the unwavering emotions in the song? Was it the crowd or was it the realization of the importance of the whole event. Some days are just worth living. Today is one of those. The kids had their annual day showcase today and as I walked out after their performance, the…

Midway to the Supreme Showcase

This is it. We now have the data. We now have the proof. Two more units and we should be all set to perform in front of an audience 15000 strong. THIS is the tipping point.

The Three doctrines of Transitional Leadership

[Pun intended] The Event management team in the Epiphany Dynasty decided to raise funds for their third unit projects. Besides organizing a movie showcase they also ran a sale of important commodities. Through these activities – under the hood- they formulated and exhibited the three doctrines of Transitional Leadership. Readers are advised to read through…