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A few laps at MC with S and V. Went in closer to noon and the temps were just right! Nasal only with the mask on. Right after the first lap, I had this tightness in the upper chest which eased out over the next few loops and I definitely could have picked up my pace if I really wanted.  The calves were ‘talking’ right after the run and the fresh OJ which I gulped down was just what the body needed…Great consecutive run after yesterday. I’m kinda liking getting back to this.

2022-02-06 11:11:22 – MC loops 🏃 Ran 1.68 miles in 00:26:05
Pace : 15.53 min/mile.
Elevation Gain : 82 ft.
Elevation Loss : 70 ft.
Calories : 292
Location : Chennai
💓 : 163

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