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Took Appa to the Marina this morning. The beach was open but it was a terrible experience. Trash strewn all over, lingering overnight dwellers, and of course open defecation by the shore ..yeah, that still happens! It wasn’t this bad a few years ago. We could then run barefoot on the sand for a good distance (~5Kms) without having to dodge trash.
Agreed it’s a big beach but how complicated is it really to maintain this public space? Of what use is all the digital cameras and equipment if you let people trash the place recklessly? And then add to it the complacence and heavy lack of follow-through on the implemented policies. Most solutions end up being short term and every once in a while a random not-for-profit group shows up on the beach, clean up a section of it (Thank you for that!), click their photos and supposedly get back to their business of ‘raising awareness’.
Between vote-bank politics, scattered awareness, heavy lack of follow-through and an essential lack of stringent penalty and consistent implementation; Absolutely nothing is going to change.
End of pessimistic rant!

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