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April 18, 2021 15:28

Miss V and I headed over to the Thiruvanmayur coast early this morning. This was her first longish bike ride (~10 mi) and she thoroughly enjoyed it. Riding on the roads here in India calls for a totally different skill-set. If living in a city, you need to ride through traffic to get to the trail/viewpoint and more often than not other vehicles drive totally oblivious of your existence. Miss V weaved in and out while navigating the traffic signals and it was a pleasure seeing her learn the ropes from the corner of my eye. We’re also using bikes that are 20+ years old! So she had to deal with skipping crank-sets and loose chains! I got them to a ride-able condition a few weeks back. However, bike maintenance is overdue and now’s probably the best time to get her into that too.

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