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Vishu Kani

Today I learnt, Vishu is not the Kerala New Year (Since 825 CE!) and it essentially is the celebration of the vernal equinox (at Kerala’s latitude?).

I added in a few non-traditional items to the Kani this time: A watch to symbolize ‘time’, a USB stick to symbolize ‘memory’, different currencies to symbolize ‘travel’, nuts and dates to symbolize ‘health’ and of course a digital card to purchase freedom. Towering radiant lamps in the darkness and tranquility – I could take this in everyday!

As always, Vishu and setting up the Kani brings up fond memories of Amma. This day is also a salient reminder for me to re-prioritize family before everything else. Happy Vishu and here’s to celebrating yet another Solar cycle!

Posted while listening to We Didn’t Start the Fire


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