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Sea la vie

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Christmas plan for this year was a major blooper. With the long weekend and everybody off work, we had initially planned to head down south to Covelong. The sisters and I would take on surfing classes while my in-laws and Shasta would have some down-time by the beach. We’d scoped out Sea la vie, as a decent place to stay during the three days there and confirmed they had sufficient C-19 measures in place.

However, on reaching there on the 25th Morning, we were appalled at the lack of basic containment measures. None of the guests and even more alarmingly – none of the staff were wearing masks or taking any preventive measures. We immediately cancelled our stay there and head over to Fishermans’ cove to check if they’d have any rooms available – which they obviously didn’t! Got a few beverages, spent some time on the beach and head back home stopping over at Annalakshmi for a delectable and sumptuous lunch!

Merry Christmas!

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