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Flight down south

I’ve taken up an exciting position with USAID In New Delhi. While the medical and security clearances are still underway, Earlier this month we made the tricky decision to fly out to India. With Covid19 still remaining unpredictable, leadership across the world falling to abysmal levels, a potentially violent election fallout in the US and forthcoming travel restrictions and then the conditional offer from USAID – we decided it was time to leave. Thankfully our mail-in-ballots arrived just in time and we sent those out a couple days prior to our departure.

The international leg was pretty comfortable and uneventful since the flight was only around 60% to full-capacity. The domestic leg from New Delhi to Chennai however was a bit iffy with a packed flight. Masks, visors, gowns and Oh – Humans! Shasta did really well – promptly wearing her mask whenever asked to and walking miles on the travelators in the New Delhi airport.

Until offices move into phase-3 of re-opening, I’ll most likely work remotely from Chennai. Definitely a blessing in disguise since we get to spend time with Meena’s family here. With so many folks around, Shasta’s going to be pretty occupied and difficult to catch! We’re obviously quarantining for Covid19 and we haven’t really meandered out. It’s the rainy season here currently and the weather’s been pretty bearable. That said we’ll sorely miss Fall and Winter!

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