Mini yet mighty

I’ve had my eyes on the Intel NUC for a while now. My current laptop has been on a downward spiral and a few days back, when I came across a fabulous deal on eBay for an unboxed but unused NUC, I took the dive and ordered it.

With 16GB RAM, 256GB NVMe SSD, 8TH Gen Core i7 Pro processor and Windows 10 Pro pre-installed – This is the most powerful machine I’ve owned. Agreed speed and performance is all relative. I’m just amazed that all of this fits in a tiny 4″x 4″x 1″ box!

While at it, I also decided to switch over from ElementaryOS to PopOS. The PopOS install was a breeze. After a quick drive-partition all it took was probably a couple minutes to install the OS! Super impressed with the UI and the tiling feature on large screens is crisp!

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