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Weeknote 48 – Thanksgiving and Ezekiel drive

A glimpse of the past week and the few articles, podcasts, tools, videos and music that captivated my attention:

Between Shreya’s birthday party in CT, the usual thanks-giving meet in NJ and Ankur’s wedding in NY; this week has been pretty busy with lots of domestic travel. We had winter storm Ezekiel right by our tail, as we made our way back from Albany on Sunday!

Meena sent in her cheek swab to get added to the Marrow donor registry. Another family member did the same with DKMS. Manni mentioned she might sign-up for that too. Might need a nudge few days later, but I think we’re there!

Fit in a good 5 mile run on Tuesday morning and a short 2.5 mile hike near Rutgers Gardens on Saturday morning. A high on intake and mild on workout kinda week!

Interesting tools this week:

  • LibreSignage : FOSS digital signage solution for multiple displays.

Interesting reads this week:

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