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The Elwha River

A few weeks back I heard Outside/In’s Powerline podcast – A four part series on Hydro-Quebec and the Northern Pass. For the longest time I’ve only heard all good about Hydro electricity. This series helped dissect the effects of such projects through various angles and brought up some pretty interesting facts. One of those must-listen-to series…

Today while catching-up on some reading I came across this wonderful post on the removal of the Elwha dam. Supremely surprised and intrigued! Thinking about it, I’ve never heard or imagined a dam being brought down intentionally. I’ve always thought, once something huge is built, it lasts for a long long time until it sees its natural end…the push to bring it down would be so miniscule. The podcast series and this article in tandem build a strong case on the converse. That said, Can only imagine the insane amount of effort that would have gone into seeing this to fruition!

Videos and articles such as this prove that all is still not lost and if anything, the urgency is only higher for more people to be engaged in reviving what we truly care for…


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