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Weekender – 04/09

Watched a live Ballet performance at the Strand theater.  My first ever and mesmerizing to say the least! Was a bit skeptical when I got to know the theater was in Dorchester. Nevertheless, was pleasantly surprised as we walked to the theater from the station. Some areas reminded me of the lesser populated areas in NYC. Decided to uber our way back home. Another first! Uberized, Eh? Friday, also happened to be the Telugu New Year. Some delicious re-servings of Mango dal at a friend’s place to kick-start the weekend.

A late morning start with a good coffee date with Miss Me at Flour. Ended up being a brunch. Regular family calls followed by a ‘hangout’ with folks from undergrad. Decided to read a bit outdoors and head to Larz Anderson park. Out for just a few minutes and my fingers start freezing. Decide to head back to the Smart and read indoors while outdoors. Family decides to head out to the Prudential tower for a stroll and dine out. End up taking a to-go from Noodle St. Later that night I realise the chills earlier that evening was an indicator of some downtime. Knocked out that night with sore throat and some temps.

Some quick crib fixing the next day ( To think of it, this is my fourth!) and a relaxed noon. Later in the evening we decide to head to a fund-raiser that one of Miss Me’s friends was organizing for the Boston Marathon.  Decided to ‘invest’ in some raffle tickets and end up winning my first ever lottery. 50 mins. of reflexology. Some head bobbing to some Spanish rock. Meet a bunch of interesting folks and with that more events to look forward to.

On another note, signed up for a Trail running camp in June. Need to get some miles under the belt before that. Should be a great finish to the testing season.

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