Enabling WiFi from the terminal

After a few rough beta installs of the OS, I decided to do a clean install of  Freya. It’s been a smooth sail so far but for the intermittent WiFi disconnects. For some reason the WiFi gets soft disabled at times. Until I figure out what’s causing this to happen and for future reference here’s a nifty work-around:

  • Determine the current state of the radio transmitters using rfkill. You’ll be able to see immediately If any of your devices are soft blocked.
 $ sudo rfkill list all 
  • Unblock radio transmitters as needed. In my case, something was turning the Wi-Fi off. I just had to turn this on using the below command:
 $ rfkill unblock wifi 

Note: In a few laptops the Wi-Fi  key is also mapped to the Bluetooth function, so to activate or deactivate you’ll just have to tap a few times to disable or enable wifi and/or bluetooth.

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