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2014 Highlights

Took some time out today to make sure I post a year-end update for 2014. I somehow seem to have missed doing this for the past three years.  Looking back, this year has been extremely fulfilling – both professionally and personally. Here’s a quick rewind:
  • Interned at Deloitte for two months. My first actuarial internship and a great start to the year.
  • Attended the SOA Hartford Student Connect. Great drive to the ‘Insurance capital of the world’ and a good day spent meeting practicing actuaries.
  • Bought a new bike – my first ever road bike! [icon name=”bicycle” class=””]

  • Interned at Atikus Insurance. Wonderful bunch of folks and great learning insights. Dabbled with macros the first time on a major project.
  • Went Seal watching and met an incredible champion.
  • Bike ride around Central Park.
  • Drove to Toronto during the spring break. Ithaca en-route, was a pleasant surprise.[icon name=”road” class=””]
  • Fun road trip to Florida with the Bhaskars and a good time with the Nandurs.
  • Back to running after a long break. Ankle feels good but not yet ready for a Half.
  • Decided not to run my first registered half-marathon in the US. Though extremely disappointed, I’ll learn later the sacrifice was worth it.  Meena runs a 10k and a few in the familia run halfs. If reactions post-run are any indicative, looks like I missed a lot of good-pain. Nevertheless, had a fun time just being there.
  • The Baltimore family moves. Daphne welcomes us earlier than anticipated!
  • Meena moves to Chicago for the TFA institute. Atikus and serious exam prep keeps me busy.
  • Passed the second actuarial exam. This one was long due! [icon name=”flag” class=””]
  • Flew to Chicago for our second anniversary. The windy city doesn’t disappoint us! Drove the Jeep to NY. Ohio stretch was a pain with heavy road maintenance and blinding trucks. Loved the Philly stretch though! [icon name=”car” class=””]
  • Family drives over a weekend to Florida for nephew’s first birthday. Crazy yet happening weekend!
  • Probably one of my best running moments. Ragnar was such an experience! My first ever relay run over 200 miles. These pristine routes call for a revisit!
  • The runners group [read Ragnar team] decides to go all in for the Philly Marathon. Cave-in to the ‘runner’s pressure’ and sign-up. Had a pretty decent run but decided not to run any more city runs.
  • Swimming sessions at the Y. With the wife as the coach, life can be a bit under-water!
  • The Philly run ends with news on the line on a new entrant in the family. Nieces galore! This one seems to be born with a bunch of butterflies. Exciting times ahead!
  • The graduation heat is On!
  • Wait, the family is not yet done moving. This time to Ambiance!
  • Burning the midnight oil (The heater?) for the finals. You can’t really avoid those last-minute surprises. Can you? All said and done, I now hold a Master of Science! – One long-held desire, Checked.[icon name=”university” class=””]
  • Last minute Christmas packing frenzy. Love this time of the year. Gifting is fun! [icon name=”gift” class=””]
  • Signed off Christmas in Boston with a 5mi run along the Charles river and rang in the new year at Ambiance.[icon name=”tree” class=””]

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