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Emotions and Equations

Was it the impeccable sound system? Was it the unwavering emotions in the song? Was it the crowd or was it the realization of the importance of the whole event. Some days are just worth living. Today is one of those.

The kids had their annual day showcase today and as I walked out after their performance, the immense gratification of being a teacher of 45 little brats peaked to the top. If anything could come anywhere close to the feeling of jumping off a flight and free falling It had to be this.

The theme of the Annual day this year was Love, Peace and Harmony.  We decided to do more of a musical than just a dance perfomance. The choreography, practice and rehearsals all in all took up over 15days – At times eating into class instructional time and at times post school hours. But I guess It was all truly worth it.

Watch the below videos as they ponder, enact, hope and bring to life the myriad emotions of being a part of the vicious circle of an army mans life. –

[vimeo] [vimeo]

I’m not really sure what the kids have taken away from the whole experience and even if they truly understand what message the skit is conveying. I see no business in jutting my head in and getting them to reflect on it. All I see personally is that this WILL change the dynamics in the classroom right from Monday and I can’t wait to see that happen. I can’t wait to head back to school to show them their performance and celebrate their hard work.

Time to raise a toast. Today, I’m one proud teacher.

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    shreeram ramamoorthy swaminathan says:

    really a nice performance by the kids

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