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Gearing up

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Tomorrow as the dawn cracks in, we’d be introducing our kids to their new projects for this unit. We plan to make this units showcase much better organised than the last one and give them a better support structure. We consciously decided to make do with their extra classes and just give them time to work with their teams on their projects.

Yesterday we had a roundup with the Kings and Queens and formulated an Event Management committee. The President and Secretary were elected, Various committees [ Logistics, Finance, Invite and Advt. and Marketing] were formed and tasks delegated. The kids are overwhelmed but I guess that’s where we really want to push them to. Project execution would begin from Tuesday onwards and they have just about 12 days to comprehend, execute, document and showcase their work.

Unlike the last unit, we decided to have just six project ideas –

  • Build a working model of a Reservoir and dam.
  • Build a prototype of a Hovercraft.
  • Build a candle propelled ‘Tuk-Tuk’ boat.
  • Build a fort.
  • Paint the Library Trunks.
  • Diver in a bottle.

The idea is to have two kingdoms choose the same project and push them to compete against each other.Consistent self documentation would help them keep track of their progress and compare it with the other team. We’ve also given responsibility to the Event management team to raise funds to bear 50pc of the total expenses.

Just cant wait to voice this out to the whole class tomorrow. The showcase on 20th of October will spell out whats feasible and whats not but till then I guess all that’s going to help is impromptu revisions to the plans.

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