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Updates from Epiphany

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End of Year Showcase:

Today was the last day of the academic year for the kids. We got them to put up a small act as an End of Year showcase and invited their parents to come witness it. The idea was to get parents to be more invested in their kids education besides building the confidence of the kids. The kids were amazing on stage and put up a real pricey show! You should be able to access the video through this link:

On the academic front, We’ve finished administering and tracking the kids final papers. At the beginning of the year the target was to gain a 1.5year growth on Reading Fluency, Reading Comprehension, Speaking & Listening, Grammar, Writing and Math. Our class average was at a mid KG level.[ Meaning, most of my kids who just entered second grade were just at the KG level].

The final diagnostics put them at a  1.2yrs growth in RF, 0.5yrs growth in RC, 1.2yrs growth in S&L, 1.5yrs growth in Writing and 1.0 yrs growth in Math. Though we haven’t been able to strike the targeted goal, guess this year would be a sound foundation for their growth next year. This summer should give the necessary time to plan and strategize for the oncoming academic year.

Parting gifts:

– Aditya More – the weakest kid in the class[Who till now hasn’t spoken even a simple complete sentence in english in class ] stood up in front of the 70 odd parents and 90 odd kids and spoke three sentences! Couldn’t have asked for a better gift…
– Khushi nudged me aside and handed over this thank you note!

Thanks for all the support you folks have provided till date. Will keep you posted once the next academic year starts.

Have a great weekend ahead.

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