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The battle so far

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It’s just about a month that the second academic year has started. The past four weeks have been really hectic juggling the plethora of tasks left on the table. The kids have slowly started getting back to the regular schedules and attendance is almost touching 100 percent.

The much needed break that I took hiking up the Himalayas and the internship at the TFI Summer institute gave a fresh perspective to the second academic year that I would be spending with the kids. Back in the holidays I was both optimistic and jittery about the maturity factor that I was expecting to see in the kids. Compared to last year they now seem to be much more on their toes and have got quite restless.It takes much more patience and effort to get their attention and even more a challenge to retain it. Wondering why, I could corner upon a couple of reasons – They’ve just not yet got out of their holiday mood, the afternoon summer camp is taxing them out or the more worrying concern – something is just not working in the classroom properly. The second year, at least the first quarter seems to be much more demanding in terms of investment and classroom management.

On another front, this year we’ve decided to push them in both academics and extra curricular as far as possible. We’re rolling out several projects for them and holding them accountable to three supreme goals that we’ve set. Exposing them to various opportunities available and training them to be self dependent is something that’s bang up on the list.

Funnily, the year has just started.but every time I walk into the classroom reality looms in as to how little time [Just about 8 months!] we’re left with to accomplish all that we’ve planned out for them. As time progresses, hopefully things would get a bit more concrete.

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    You are doing great. I imagine how hard it would be teach kids and get their attention in the class. Do you talk to the kids in person?

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