Dynamics of the playground…

2 thoughts on “Dynamics of the playground…”

  1. That is good progress indeed, you’re doing a great job dude!

    BTW, Have you considered this – the toppers get a lot of attention, and the stragglers at the bottom do too – the ones in the middle always seem to miss out :). What has been your experience here?

    1. Thanks Ajay. That’s something that crossed my mind when I first realised I was responsible for equally appreciating every single kids progress. Just so that every kid feels inclusive in the classroom we’ve setup roles as in a Column monitor, Board monitor, Discipline monitor etc besides the not necessarily ‘tangible’ rewards for the most progressive kid or the ‘Smart champion of the week/day’ .

      At the end of the day or week it turns out to be more of the ‘teachers’ judgment. Guess I should work on setting up a rubric that the kids can use to grade themselves on….

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