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Mumbai 2011 Full Marathon

  • SSP 
This coming Jan, I’d be running my first ever full Marathon [42.19 km] in Mumbai. And since this is so important to me, I decided I’d as well run it for a cause that has so much been resonating in me – Eliminating the educational inequity in India.
Six months back, when I left Infosys for a two-year full-time commitment with TeachforIndia, I wasn’t really sure what I was getting into. But now, having experience the ground reality my resolve to weed this out got even stronger. As a class teacher of 46 second grade kids in a low-income private school out here in Pune, every single day I’m amused, thrilled and challenged to provide them a better way of life, to provide them opportunities to excel and nourish the hope in their lives to be confident and self dependent.And more importantly have trust that one day they would be on par with any other kid who’d graduate from an élite school or college.
It would be great if you could help me spread the word and chip-in any amount that you can afford. I am sure it would go a long way in contributing towards the cause and my efforts. Please feel free to reach out to me should you need more information on TeachforIndia or the work I do.
You could help by:
– Contributing[Whatever be the amount!] towards this cause –
– Volunteering in my Classroom in Pune in your free time. [The kids love to meet new people!]
– Sponsoring one or more of my kids in the classroom. [I’m ready to keep you updated on the kids progress as frequently as you need!]
– Contribute to the class fund – I plan to buy a projector and several teaching aids to make my sessions more engaging. Still sourcing up sponsors!
– Joining the fellowship yourself! [Yay! Applications for the 2011 fellowship is now open]
Thank you!

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