Windowed Illusions…

2 thoughts on “Windowed Illusions…”

  1. Sri, I was damn happy after the trip, u were asleep when I started all those discussions 🙂
    Felt good that I turned on the thinking hat on every head 🙂

    you too should ask questions instead of taking nap all the time 😀

    We should live the way Socrates did 🙂

  2. naice to c d note in improvement dude…one thing i’d like to suggest is to make d kids into small groups n then to encourage them to speak/work….ppl as a whole r lot more comfy in small grps rather than in front of a crowd….so in d initial stages, this might root out d hesitation in them…

    im sure with all d multiple treks, u will be proclaimed the nawab of the deccan highlanders.. 😛 😛
    miss the heated discussions we used to have all along those years… 🙂

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