Gut Instinct, Twitter and My Career

15 thoughts on “Gut Instinct, Twitter and My Career”

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  2. @Ani – Thanks!! Would love to start blipping..Need to get a good camera…

    @Ankur – Thanks!! I just managed to join their team. Pretty excited and eager to get the ball rolling.

    @Karthik – Humble? Me??. B/w If you don’t get to byking voluntarily, I’ll be at your doorstep at 5:00am starting next week!

    @Chaitra – Thanks. Yeah. They do have a pretty robust model. That was infact one of the probable reasons why I joined them. Was amazed by the way the whole admission process was handled. Eagerly waiting for the induction program to start!

  3. Awesome… congratulations on the admit….:)

    The TFI model is structured. They\’ve packaged hope in a very realistic exterior….

    I really do hope, they succeed in taking this vision to rest of the country as well….

  4. if I decide (and be bold enough to actually do) to do something non-conventional, something I really feel about, you’ll be one of the inspiring factors…don’t get too flattered, you’re not the only one…I have a couple of more friends like you 🙂

  5. Hats off to your guts…children of today are future of tomorrow..its really admirable to see someone taking an initiative for their betterment…Al the very best. 🙂

  6. Salute ur courage to do this 🙂
    We talk abt it; it all comes under acid-test when we hv to really stand up for it and do it! Congratulations esp. on taking such an important decision.
    Gud luck and God bless u 🙂

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