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Reflections from 09…

Reached home quite late after an active day at work. Scrapped the ‘New year party’ plan and decided to crash after a quick dinner. A perfunctory check of my e-mail throws about twenty ‘greeting’ mails. I invariably tend to shift+delete such e-mails as I prefer talking over the phone to e-mails/SMS/IM. But one particular mail from my sister just swept me off my feet..- ‘may this new year bring you closer and closer to everything you want to do…‘ These simple words are something that have stood by me all through. Miles away, she’s someone who’s been such a wonderful source of motivation for each and everything I do – day in and day out and I couldn’t see any better way of thanking her than warding off my sleep to take snapshot of the amazing year 0f 2009!

Ever since I graduated, I decided I would do something starkly different or interesting every two to three years and this year very much stands as a testimony to that conviction.Over time I’ve learnt to set my priorities straight and involve in activities that I think really stand for what truly represents me. I’ve learnt to trust my gut instinct more than anything else and live by my passions irrespective of what others think of me. On a personal front this year has been one of pursuing my passions like crazy.


I’ve cumulatively ridden 1500kms the whole last year. That really isn’t much compared to what other serious bikers do but I’m more than happy with the progress I’ve made. Transitioning from a trekker to a biker has been one hell of an experience and has got me to see a whole lot of wonderful places.

  • The Enduro3 national level adventure race was one humbling learning experience where I really got to see what I was made of and what I could achieve. It sort of  wedged out a window to judge my capabilities vis-a-vis expectations set by people.
  • ‘It doesn’t snow here anymore!’ This is what a villager up there in the lofty Himachal town of Jibhi had to say when we asked her about the weather there. Those innumerable climate change articles never really had any impact on me till I went up there on those mountain peaks. The Jalori Pass Mountain Biking expedition slammed me right on the face and got me thinking on what damage we ‘enlightened’ people are causing. We snub our noses when we see someone damaging our property. Think of those people up there in the himalayas who’re bearing the brunt because of our insensible activities.
  • The Korlai Ride was yet another stupendous ride that I would cherish for years to come. 205kms spanning three days in the mystical sahyadri ranges. It was just the man, the machine and nature!
  • The Freedom Ride on the other hand was clearly something that cut across the point – It’s just not about the bike! 180+ riders riding together on Roadsters, Targets, Meridas and what not for 63kms on the roads of Hyderabad for the kids of Akshaya Akruthi. Boy, that was one hell of  a ride!


I started running seriously sometime early in August and have clocked about 120kms till now. When I ran my first half marathon this November, the only goal I had in mind was to complete it without any glitches. I ended being ranked 100 out of the 220+ runners. For me personally, it’s not the distance or time that really matters. It’s more about the thought process that goes on in my mind during the run that I’m really interested in.


2009 hasn’t really been a year of travel for various reasons. But then in those seasoned escapades, there’s been a lot of takeaway.

  • The Bidar ride – 20 riders, 10 bikes all set to explore the ramparts of the Bidar fort!
  • The Kalsubai Conquest – As I scaled up Maharashtra’s highest peak, a friend acquainted from a bus ride plopped off the Chembra peak. Life’s so unpredictable!
  • The Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary – Stuck miserably for five grueling hours with four people I’d never met before in a wild life sanctuary with temperature  soaring to 40 deg.  Real testing times…
  • The Junglethlon – Three days of Jungle survival course with a bunch of real interesting people. Couldn’t ask for a much better way to close the 2009 chapter!


That day simply changed my outlook towards things and eventually my career. I’ll probably save this for another post but in the nutshell, a solid seed was borne early this June and I’m more than excited about things…

It’s about 01:15am here and the ‘new year’ has already sprung in. Messages and e-mails are still swarming the networks and servers. Here’s wishing you folks a cheerful and happening new year! Fingers crossed on what 201o has in store…

10 thoughts on “Reflections from 09…”

    fibinse says:

    I bet those greetings had essence of those quirky office mailers which said,\”Don\’t miss the fun!\”…like the fun was there in the first place.Argh.
    Hit 2010 harder brother.

    Animesh says:

    loved your sis’ comment!!! the best that anyone can wish for you!

    who said that in Jibhi? that shopkeeper outside our camp?

    @fibinse: Thanks! 🙂 B/W Good to find you back on this planet!
    @Animesh: Yeah..The lady who introduced us to the Kullu cap tradition…

    fibinse says:

    For me, a moderate difficulty level trek a year keeps all my bravado away – so can we try to hit Ombattu gudda soon, this year?
    For reference.
    I wanted to do it alone,but the GPS equipemnt and all such expensive shit, made sure that I stow away that idea and look for like minded people.So? 😛

    That sounds like a pretty interesting escapade.Jan and Feb are kinda blocked out. Sometime in March?

    fibinse says:

    Waiting eagerly!!
    Don\’t make me tweet this comment for a reminder! 😛

    Swati says:

    wow, liked ur sis greetings a lot.. and it no doubts had a gr8 impact on u.. gr8 going buddy.. have a gr8 year ahead…and waiting for another year’s summary from u.. 🙂

    @fx86 – That’s a deal!
    @Swati – Thanks but where in this world are you??

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