The Junglethlon!

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  1. Thanks a bunch Srikanth! My instinct told me I could trust the place and I’m happy to have that confirmed.

    I have already asked Sandeep to book 3 safaris along with the reservation, so I hope we have no hassle when we get there.

    Once again, thanks so much for your reply. I’ll definitely send you a picture of the tent once I’m back.


  2. Hi Srikanth,

    My wife and I are planning to visit Pench National Park over the Republic Day Weekend. I stumbled upon the Tiger N’ Woods resort website and was quite impressed, both with the website and the reviews the resort got on tripadvisor. I even spoke to Sandeep Singh, who I believe is the Resident Manager of the place and have a good feeling overall.

    However, I know one should never go entirely by what one finds online so I just felt it’s best to double check with someone who’s already been there and I found a link to your blog from Ram Medury’s blog (which in turn I found during my initial research).

    Tiger N’ Woods seems to be a new place and outside of tripadvisor, I couldn’t find any other reviews or mentions. From both Ram’s and your blogs, it appears your experience there was fine, but I’m not sure if you actually stayed there or just had some meals there and set up tents nearby.

    Anything you can tell me about the resort will be extremely helpful. In general, are the photos on the website a true enough representation? Would you agree with any of the reviews at

    Thanks so much.

  3. Hey Rahul,

    We were very much at TigernWoods for three days during our stay in Pench. Though we didn’t ‘reside’ in the machans that you see in the photographs there, I can vouch on every bit that’s given on their website.Our central reason for not staying in it was to be out in the wild in the tent/machan that we ourselves tried building.

    Tigernwoods is a real good place to be if you’re planning for a relaxed family outing. Not having been to other resorts out there, I cannot explicitly compare and give you a clearer picture. But all I can say is that I wouldn’t think twice to call Tigernwoods the next time I plan to head to Pench.

    Amazing food, regal machans, splendid environs and to top it all an ever welcoming team who take care of every need of yours is what I guess gets people revisiting them…

    B/w if you decide to go there, do get back with snaps of yours with the ‘Parachute tent’ that you would find to the left of the entrance! 🙂

    Hope you have an enriching experience and get to spot some tigers in Pench! Do make prior arrangements for the Safari.

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