Run Boy Run!

7 thoughts on “Run Boy Run!”

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  2. aisa to aadmi life mein do-ich time bhaagta hai…olimpik ka race ho ya pulis ka case ho…tum kaay ko bhaagta hai…hhaaeeiin???
    – Anthony Gonzalves to Robert in Amar Akbar Anthony

  3. Atta boy! Tnx for highlighting my name as the one who pushed u thru this ordeal but hope none at ur home know this or read this! Great to know u njoyed the ordeal, my invite to run alongside for full marathon in jan! The news could not come at a better time as I try to keep pace with training…way to go and keep up the pace :))

  4. Oh yes, the arrangements were splendid!

    Wow! U did the half marathon! Thatz nice 🙂
    I went for the 10K run this time .. plan to do the half marathon next time 🙂

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