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In mired thoughts…

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I’m out here seated in the balcony of my house with the lappy streaming out  Yanni’s ‘Keys to imagination’. It’s not yet December, yet the chill is in the air already. Been a while that I visited my own blog so decided to keep things at bay and record things happening  in my life.

Work’s been a bit demanding of late. Not really hectic but these late night client calls with atypical and unrelenting requests all in a short time span is sort of draining. I’m just hoping against hope that the next three days slice through comfortably.

There’s a lot that’s been happening otherwise too.  A lot of decision making and much of selective time distribution for various activities.

Last weekend, thanks to the GHAC folks, I got to attend a very informative first aid certification course. Had some real good hands-on on performing CPR and understood in practical terms the imminent first aid doctrines in case of accidents or personal injury. Also got to meet couple of real cool folks! Sadly I could not join them the second day as I had to attend a family function.

This weekend would be one very important checkpoint in my career and I would prefer to keep it obscure till things materialize. If all goes well, I’ll be riding over to the Begumpet airport to catch up with the HBC folks for a conglomeration ride. Hell, I’m still riding if things don’t work the way I want it to. Badly need a long relaxing ride to let things sink in.

The weekend after this, I’d be running my first half marathon! Eagerly looking forward to this Nov 22nd. I’ve been training decently well [if not religiously!] for a month now and all I’m looking forward to is to complete the marathon without any major setbacks.

And then on December 13th, we at Aashayein foundation are organizing a walkathon – Walk On ’09. All proceeds from this event would be routed to the child education activities that the foundation has been diligently working towards for the past few years.  This being the first time that we’re pulling up a show of this magnitude, there’s been a flurry of activity happening in the team.  Everyone’s fingers are crossed and hope and excitement is high in the air.

Late this year during Christmas, I plan to head to the Pench tiger reserve for a Junglethlon. Activities would include Jungle mountain Biking, River bed running, rock climbing, rappelling, jungle navigation and survival! I’d initially planned to do a long ride in the western ghats in Kerala or around Araku but later decided to hold up these plans and head for the Junglethlon. The very thought gets the adrenalin spiking up and this seems to be quite a promising way to end the  year.

Time to crash and rise to yet another day. And oh yes, avoid the run for the bus early in the morning tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “In mired thoughts…”

    I would say Junglethon would be perfect to mark an end of the year! 🙂 Say hello to tigers on my behalf.:P

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