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Cucumber slices on the plate…

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The last one month has been real crazy with a sudden upsurge in activity. Every other day a fresh thought pops up to do things in a different manner. The list of To-Do just gets bigger and bigger. Just thought I’d document them on a regular basis to keep the pulse on.

The Book – Been working on compiling a book of my treks/travels. This is turning out to be one mega affair. Quite complicated and time consuming. Seriously getting a book out is NO joke!

AUPS – Been regularly visiting the Arundati Upper Primary school every Saturday to take English classes for grade 6 kids.  Man, these kids really need mighty help. Their standards are so damn low! Makes me wonder at times how effective these two hours a week is really going to be. But it has to go on!

HydVentura – But for a couple of us there aren’t many interested in taking up the reins. People just want to have everything organised for them! Of late, the club has become quite popular. In fact I’ve been getting calls from quite a few folks requesting outings to be arranged for their groups. Somehow need to find means to make the club less dependent on just a couple of people.

Site maintenance – Currently administering three portals – The HydVentura site, My own site and Dad’s blog. At times it becomes a real pain to keep a tab on them. So far so good though.

GMAT – One of the few important decisions taken. This seems to be one major thing that’s tightening the ropes. Morning rides during weekends are sacrificed for the classes and The Official guide has now replaced the novels / books which I otherwise used to read during the 1hr commute to work during weekdays.

Work – Things seem to have caught up pretty fast. Right from a rise in the number of requests to client calls received at home. Last months been one hectic patch.

Riding – This had taken a backseat thanks to the Chestburn. Back to form now though. The next big ride is chalked out this weekend – The 62km Freedom ride. About 175  riders in the city would be riding togetherfor a cause. Eagerly looking forward to it!

Reading – Completed Into thin Air and Himalaya . Two must read books for any travel enthusiast! Currently reading Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking. Plan to read Three men in a Boat next!

4 thoughts on “Cucumber slices on the plate…”

    Rakesh Chintha says:

    Good!! U r back to blog again 🙂
    Btw.. I appreciate your AUPS teaching initiative. 🙂 God! who else can get such wonderful ideas! Keep it up!!

    Blame it on twitter 🙂

    Ajay says:

    For GMAT, do try Kaplan 800. It’s pretty hard though. Take one test early on and save the second for just before the actual test. My second score was pretty close to my final score.
    Three Men in a Boat is just awesome! Try Catch-22 too.
    And about people not wanting to take up any responsibility, they’re not worth spending your time on. You gotta do what you gotta do :).

    Srikanth Perinkulam says:

    Great. Will try Kaplan800. Just bought Three men in a boat. Starts off pretty well!

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