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Today evening, something just drew me to the the place that changed the way the past few years have evolved. Could not keep away from that road and building that I´ve been avoiding for the past so many years. I walk up the ramp slowly to the topmost floor.The Nepali guard watches me from the corner of his eye. I enter the ward with an excuse and in moments it all gets back in flashes. The beeps and the smell get back memories of days spent here hoping against hope.The ward is just the same. The smell lingers. Just that there is someone else on the bed there. Yet another flame struggling to thrive against the odds.

Someone just couldn´t look in the mirror on April 14th 1999. The plate with assorted fruits and various other items is brought back home without capturing the gaze.And then things changed.

That lad said chances are 60pc! 10 whole years and still I fail to understand on what basis the probability was decided.

Look in the mirror, Moron. Come what may.

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1 thought on “Reflections”

    Atchuth says:

    What happened on April 14th 1999?

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