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The week that was…

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It´s been a long long long week! Looks like the client out there has suddenly decided to catch up on things. Deployments are happening pretty frequently and every team claims to be on fire to push their deployment across. Next week looks to be even more hectic.But guess it´s all a part of sweet sweet life :).

Caught up with two books this week.

How Starbucks saved my life – Michael Gill

One of those simple yet powerful books that I´ve read after Richard Branson´s Losing my Virginity. At 60+, fired by a person whom he himself  had recommended, Michael walks you through his life as he miserably tumults down from the post of a Creative director at an advertising firm JWT. Exposed to the elite corporate lifestyle for 25+ years he brings out the mental stress he passes through having to work in a Starbucks store as a bartender. He soon learns to come to terms with life; learns to let go of his ego and finally builds up a ripe career at Starbucks. Working at Starbucks in the lower rungs of the hierarchial ladder he lucidly brings out what the real sense of Job satisfaction is and how important it is to respect the job you do however menial it is.

A perfect five on five! If you´ve still not read this book…High time you order!

Go Kiss the world – Subroto Bagchi

Happened to purchase this book from the Strand store just out of impulse. A quick simple read. One of those books that surprisingly got over in a couple of hours. Give´s you insight into how Mindtree was born and how they shaped up. One stark feature of this book is that though each chapter is good in its own sense, there seems to be no continuity in the flow. Wouldn´t really fall into the autobiography groove – Probably a mix of history and gyan. That said you may want to give it a shot

I would give it a 3.5 on a five point scale.

Scoop from the greener side:

  • Registered for the Jalori pass – National Himalayan Mountain Biking Expedition 2009 Off to Kulu – Manali – Aut in May – Yippee!Would be byking with 19 other unknown morons for 8 straight days. Their itinerary sounds pretty relaxing though..Gotta wait and watch. That followed by the marriage of a close friend. Seems to be  a promising outing! – All now hangs on my leave being approved!
  • Moved from Ibex to Ubuntu Studio. Had to install OpenOffice and a couple of other apps. Feels good with a different feel 😉
  • Upgarded the WP version. Played safe and backed up the data. Fell through smoothly though!
  • Tweaked the HydVentura website a bit. Lots of modification yet to be done.
  • Missed the HBC race. So did a short ride this weekend circumventing the Osmania Univ.

5 thoughts on “The week that was…”

    What date have you registered for the Mountain Biking trip? I am registered for the Biking trip beginning 2nd May 2009

    Hi…I came across your blog while searching for articles related to TFI. I am a TFI aspirant.

    I enjoyed reading your blog. From your posts I gather that you are indeed versatile.

    While browsing through the bookstore on subway, I too got my copy of ‘How Starbucks saved my life’.I have enjoyed reading it so far.


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