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Keep off the grass!

Just another book from an IIM grad. Don’t these nuts have any work? Five point someone, Joker in the pack and now this? Guess even I’ve got to start writing on my sulking life in SCSVMV!

I was just looking around the racks searching for William Fotheringham’s ‘Put me back on my bike’ when I chance upon ‘Keep me off the grass’. Not finding anything else interesting I decide to give this a shot. Way back home in the bus as I read the first few pages, I start getting queer views from people beside me. I care a damn and am instantly engrossed in the book. Surprisingly, every other page has something or the other that gets you beaming out. Be it the typical ‘Collegian’ lingo or the out of the box expressions and language.

If ‘Joker in the pack’ in someway touched upon the lifestyle in the IIMs, this book in various ways has brought about the other side of it. How true only an insider would be able to judge but for a debut novel this is a kickass hit. The story is woven around an immigrant confused desi Investment banker from the WallStreet coming down to the IIM-B in the pretext of exploring India and reaching out to his roots. Unrealistically hilarious, this debut novel of his would indeed strike a chord amidst any person who’s graduated from the IIMs or for that instance anyone who’s experienced college. The pages reek of marijuana and ganja that you’d be stoned by just reading it! Ah and if you’re one of those who is averse to using or reading the so called ‘unparliamentary’ words – this book is not for you.

The epilogue is the best part.Karan tactically walks you through a  self realisation high for sometime and leaves it to you to answer a few questions which seem to crop up in everyone’s mind now and then but is rarely given much thought. Indeed an interesting read!

You can purchase the book here

How contrasting can your own opinions be? Why do you humans [ Remember? I’m not one 🙂 ! ] take things for granted ? 🙂

3 thoughts on “Keep off the grass!”

    I’m not an ace reviewer and this was just my impression of the book.

    That said, I’m afraid I disagree in part of what the reviewer there has said.Karan nowhere proclaims that he’s off to break barriers and bring about the most enthralling novel. This was his first attempt at writing and he’s definitely done a good jab at it.

    Coming to the monetary aspect – I’m sure you’d agree that writing a novel is time consuming, more so when you’re doing it in you’re free time beyond professional life.I see nothing wrong in someone expecting to reap the benefits of it however small it may be.

    Balaji says:

    You Say it’s nice bro, this one says its not 🙂

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