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The Charminar ride

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The moment I signal and move to the right towards the English and Foreign languages university , I realise I’m in for trouble. In moments, a speed breaker comes in my vision scope and the mud guard rattles on the front tires. The Lumala pivots instantaneously on the front tire and even before I make amends, I’m on the ground – Chest first, arms spread out. I quickly look back to get a picture of the vehicles behind me and pull off the road on to the pavement. Thankfully, I’d signalled the Radio cab that was following me to move ahead! Thanks to the protective gear I’d bought a week back. but for a minor bruise on my left arm there’s not much that this freak incident has caused.I take a glance at the bike.The handle bar and the brakes have taken the impact. Five minutes of quick repair and tightening and I’m all set to ride. Just another example when things are just not in your control when biking!

I take a look at the cyclo-computer. 05:45 hrs. Adi and I had planned to reach Charminar by dawn break to have a peek at the monument at early hours. I reach Vidyanagar at about 06:00 am. We leave at 06:12 hrs from here and head towards Afzalgunj through Chaderghat. Heavy vehicular traffic at the Imlibun bus stand delays us and we finally reach Charminar at about 06:40am. Boy, I never knew Charminar was so close to my place!

Riding through the narrow roads that lead to the monument at early hours gives you a heavenly feeling. Indeed interesting to see the city come to life here -Newspaper hawkers stacking up the sheets, tea-shops brimming with activity, people walking over to the masjid for namaz, beggars setting up their sheets, an old couple hastening up their pace for some unknown emergency, the smell of Athar slowly sinking in, the orange hue slowly setting in to usher in just another day across the most prominent symbol of Hyderabad.

07:12 hrs, after a few photo shots we decide to leave and head back home. Riding back through the old city roads via the High court, Moazzam Jahi market, Lal Bahadur Stadium, Liberty junction and finally touching HImayatnagar we reach Vidyanagar at about 07:35 hrs. Three cups of Irani chai at the roadside ‘chai’ shop and I head back to Habsiguda.

This I guess would be my last long ride before I head to Pune on 5th Feb for Enduro3. Overall the total distance covered would be around 30kms . But the ride to the heart of the old city itself was so very rewarding that I’ve no regrets for not having covered the targeted 50kms.

Below is the route marked up in Google Maps:

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    Beautiful description. Charminar at its best.
    Was looking for adventures in Hyderabad when I found ur blog. Nice one.

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