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Tour of the Nilgiris

  • SSP 

When was the last time you ever got off your seat and hit to the roads? Lost track of all the subtle necessities and requirements of life and spent time just to live the moment; Gave that extra push not just to compete but to work in camaraderie to accomplish a certain goal? Spent moments just to cherish what you have left of what you yourself have spoilt? Breathed not to keep yourself living but to realise that you were just not living?

When was the last time you rode a bike?

A group of bicycle enthusiasts in Bangalore are organising a tour of the Nilgiris – A seven day tour starting and ending at Bangalore covering Mysore, Mercara, Ooty, Wayanad and Doddabetta through the Nilgiris.  One another chance to mingle with people from different backgrounds and interests. And who knows, you’ll end up finding something very much interesting in life!

Click on the image below to know more about the journey. 

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