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Losing my Virginity…

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Whether you’re a hard core business strategist, a budding entrepreneur, an adventure loyalist or just someone who reads books to while away time, You need to give ‘Losing my Virginity’-Richard Bransons autobiography a read. I picked this book randomly sometime back at a Crossword store in Pune and believe me, this is the best book I’ve ever read till date.

Written in a lucid language, this close to 600 pages book would give you a wonderful insight into the interesting up-bringing of Richard, his ideology in working to set the system right, how he entered the entrepreneurial world starting off from the Student magazine, how Virgin broke ground,  how it organically diversified into the plethora of fields it currently operates in, hardships the group faced due to unhealthy and healthy competition, Richards take on life and adventure, insight into his world record breaking ventures and finally Virgin’s take on social responsibility. While every other page gets you smirking for one reason or the other, you’re intermittently given insight into corporal responsibility and the onus that rests on each one of us to mend the way we use natural resources.

Indeed an incredible Autobiography!

You could purchase the book online from these locations or download sections of the recordings from this page.

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