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Gyan de la Spiky

It’s been just one week that I’ve got back to Hyderabad after my six months stay at Pune and I’m still struggling to cope with boredom. My body’s sort of got so fine tuned to an active lifestyle that sitting in front of the computer once I’m back home is something that I’d last prefer to do. But then that is all that I’m left to do, at least till I chalk out a few plans to get myself to rebound again.

Looking back I realise that one centric reason, why things were much interesting then. Every weekday I used to head to office planning how I’d best spend the day so as to enjoy that weekend to the fullest. For the most part of it , it was visiting a new place or raising the bar to do a better or higher grade trek. I was sure, there was always something different in store for me that coming weekend. That only pushed me harder to give my best at work during the weekdays so as to avoid any last minute goof ups. ‘You work two days a week and take rest the remaining five days‘ is what Anmol once commented on my passion for trekking. I now realise how true he was!

On the brighter side, There’re three important yet simple learnings that I’ve gained from my Pune experience –

  • It’s not how long you live that is important. It’s how well you live it is all that matters.
  • Raise the bar every time you feel you’re succumbed by pressure. You’ll soon know there’s much more to gather than what’s on the ground.
  • Have a passion and target acting on it every weekend, Your work life would soon fall in place. That ways you’ll end up doing justice to both your personal as well as professional goals!

Gyan in practice:

  • Got a 21 geared Lumala bike for close to 7 grand sometime back. Guess cycling would soon replace my passion for Trekking.
  • Joined a few internal clubs at the Hyd DC. Hope they keep me working on weekdays 😉  .
  • The Budokan Karate classes start from November 1st . Just confirmed my registration today.
  • Learning the Guitar by myself. Not much progress made though.
  • On the Professional front, I’ve got roped into an assignment that would involve more of SDLC process than technical stuff. And I’m lovin’ every bit of it!

Who said life was boring ? I take back my words 🙂 .

3 thoughts on “Gyan de la Spiky”

    arvind says:

    You got posting in hyd again ???

    fibinse says:

    Yup.The bugger is back! ;P

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