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Virgin and the Joker

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Of late, for some reason I’ve stopped reading fiction novels. ‘The Client’ still lies in my office desk half read. I just read a page or two to keep me awake after lunch!

Last week when I’d been to E-Square to watch ‘A righteous kill’ , Rahul and I wandered into the Crossword store. Two books in particular caught my attention. ‘Losing my Virginity’ -An autobiography of Richard Branson and ‘Joker in the Pack’ by Ritesh Sharma and Neeraj Pahlajani. I’ve always had high respect for Richard for his attitude towards life and business, So I’d picked the book with no second thoughts. The reviews on ‘Joker in the pack’ on the other hand were pretty interesting. I sifted through a few pages and plop it went into my cart.

Next day morining as I sat in the 7:45 service to PhaseII, I started reading ‘Joker in the pack’. Believe me! I’ve never sat glued to any book for more than fifteen minutes with full concentration. But there was definitely something in this book that made me flip the pages. A wonderfully woven story to bring about the life of a person who’ made it to IIMB and his experience there. Frankly, this book has sort off changed my perception of the IIMs. The simple language and the vernacular tinge makes things much more interesting.

A must read for any MBA aspirant. You can visit their website here or purchase the book online here. Worth every pie spent on it!

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